Tree of Saviors – Weekly Question and Answer

Today on the blog we’re talking about our Saviors’ Q&A. The following statement is indicating that many of our saviors posted these questions frequently.


Greetings, Saviors!

Today on the blog we’re talking about our Saviors’ Q&A. The following statement is indicating that many of our saviors posted these questions frequently.

1. The game still feels slow, even after the optimization patch. How much more and when do you plan to further optimize the game, and when can we expect a lag-free Tree of Savior?

A.  We thoroughly applied all of our previously announced optimization measures, but because every user’s playing environment is different and there are so many diverse factors at play in-game, we still cannot guarantee that the expected improvements will show in every single situation. There are still some areas in the game we can speed up, so we plan on continuing to improve the lag issue through frequent patches.

2. Do you have any plans to develop a class or rank reset potion?

A. Creating a character in TOS involves making choices about stats, skills, attributes, classes, and many other things. It is possible to revert a character’s entire state to what it was like the day before, for example, but rolling back their class or skills while maintaining the level and stats intact is not an easy task. We will, however, consider making it possible to give up class advancement quests to allow picking a different class.

3. We’re being affected by the bug that joins 10-15 people together in instanced dungeons. If you’re going to allow large numbers of characters to be matched together, why don’t you introduce stronger boss mobs or random hidden bosses?

A. This bug is an issue that’s been affecting only our Steam servers, and something we’re working to fix as soon as possible. We did try playing dungeons with over 10 people in a test version of the game, but it was just too confusing and complicated. That is why we want to keep the parties to 5 players or under.

4. There’s a connection problem happening every time the Gravity Pole skill is used. Are you fixing this bug? How far along are you on this issue?

A. This bug has been around for a long time, but we haven’t been able to accurately reproduce it so far, so until now we’re still not entirely sure of how it can be fixed. This is especially true considering that it has never occurred in the development server, only on the live server. We’ve recently found and revised some aspects we think might be related to this bug, and we expect to apply them as soon as we’re done with testing.

5. Sometimes a character’s head will just disappear, which is a shame considering the otherwise beautiful graphics of the game. Are you fixing this bug?

A. The dev team is well aware of this issue. We’ve set up a testing PC to figure out whether this happens only with specific video cards. We’ll try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

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