Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

New Products For December - Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

End Game - Sinful Machine - (Wolcen) ID03
Gems are included in this item DMG - 324 - 577 Ivl - 187
Ruby Amulet - (Wolcen) ID-04
Item Level -187 23 - 30 Sacred Damage 21 - 31 Shadow Damage +2 Ailment Stacks Inflicted
End game - Quickdraw Leather Band - (Wolcen)
Item Level -187 20 -30 Aether Damage 25 -30 Sacrd Damage
Ruby Amulet - (Wolcen) ID-03
Item Level -187 +2 Ailment Stacks Inflicted
End game - Steel Belt - (Wolcen)
Item Level -187 +1 Pierce to All Projectile
End Game - Sapphire Ring - (Wolcen) 04
Item Level -187 18 - 27 Fire Damage to Attack +2 ailment stack
End Game - Fiendish Heartsplitter - (Wolcen) ID03
*Gems are included in this item Ilvl - 166 DPS - 678 - 1078

Monthly Specials For December

10 x Greater Entropy Orb (Wolcen)
With this Ethereal Reagent, the players can reroll all magical effects on an item that’s legendary or unique
10 x Greater Abyssal Tear (Wolcen)
When applied to an item, the Abyssal Tear removes a magic effect from it and consumes all its socketed gems to keep a magic effect whose type is chosen randomly from all the gems. It can work on...
10 x Greater Erieban Tear (Wolcen)
This Ethereal Reagent in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem applies a new magic effect when used on an item. The type and power of the effect are directly affected by the socketed gems on the item. It can work...
10 x Greater Ohm's Echo (Wolcen)
Removes a random magic effect and adds another when used on an item. It will consume all socketed gems to guarantee a new magic effect whose power depends on the gems' level, and whose type is chosen...